Direct Lender Loans UK

Get Approved for Direct Lender Loans Today – No Middle Man Fees

If you are approved for an online loan it is likely that you may receive the total amount deposited into your bank account on the same day that you apply. We are compliant with today’s digital privacy and security requirements that keep your personal information safe and secure.

What is a Direct Lender Loan?

When you obtain a loan directly from the lender you are avoiding the problems often associated with third-party entities. A direct lender loan allows you to avoid paying brokerage commissions and other “middleman” markup costs and fees. We work with direct lenders and strive to keep the process simple and transparent. Direct lending allows you to communicate directly with the provider of capital.

Why would you need a Direct Lender Loan?

Life is filled with unexpected or unforeseen costs and expenses that may potentially arise. People apply for cash loans through Fancy a Payday for a host of reasons such as:

  • Major car repairs
  • Medical bills & expenses
  • To repair or replace a home appliance
  • For preventing a utility disconnection
  • Events such as holidays, weddings, or funerals
  • If poor credit is making it difficult to get a loan or credit card
  • Unforeseen child-related expenses
  • An unpaid phone bill has led to a disconnection

Pros and Cons of a Direct Lender Loan

The loan application may be completed quickly by using an electronic device of your choosing from the comfort of any location with internet access. The approval process is quick and applications may be submitted 24 hours a day. Our customer service and support team is available to address any questions or concerns that may arise. Even those with bad credit may still be eligible for a loan!

These same-day loans and direct lender loans are not appropriate for those in need of a long-term loan product. Short-term loans generally have higher interest rates than other lending options.

Requirements for a Direct Lender Loan

There are some basic requirements that must be met in order to qualify for a loan. You must be 18 years old, meet residency requirements, and be able to verify your identity. You must have proof of employment income or verifiable income from another source. A current bank account that is capable of sending or receiving funds electronically is necessary. Prior financial activity and credit history may influence your ability to qualify for a loan.

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