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Payday loans do not require any long term commitments and are quick to obtain. The loan application can be completed in just a few minutes. Those with prior credit problems may still qualify for a payday loan online. If your application is completed and approved, you may have the funds deposited into your bank account on the same business day.

What is a Payday Loan?

When you find yourself in need of emergency cash, a personal loan may be a potential solution. You simply complete our online application and a lender will make the decision on whether to approve you for the loan. The payday lending process potentially allows you to receive fast cash on the same business day. These are unsecured loans that you pay back on your upcoming paydays.

An unsecured loan is one provided from the lender without collateral. An example of a secured loan is one used to purchase a car or home. If a lender requires collateral, the borrower must have a tangible asset that can be repossessed if the borrower becomes delinquent. A payday loan is essentially an installment loan that is repaid at intervals based on when you are paid. They are designed to allow you to satisfy your other financial commitments as you repay the loan. The payments are spread out over a reasonable three month period of time.

Is our Payday Loan right for you?

Personal loans are often a good option for those with a low credit score. Those with a limited credit history may struggle to be approved for a loan as well. Many people in these scenarios are unable to obtain approval for a line of credit, a credit card or cash advances.
A payday loan is often an attractive option for those with an immediate need for funds. Someone who needs to pay their bills to avoid eviction or a utility disconnection may benefit from these loans. Often, those with good credit may have difficulty obtaining the cash they need from traditional lending sources because it is a lengthy process. Some banks or credit unions may insist that you visit a local branch office to begin the application process. Then, they may not reach a decision on your application for several days or even weeks.

Key benefits of our Payday Loans

You can easily complete our online loan application by visiting our secure website. Individuals with verifiable employment and a current bank account are encouraged to apply. The process may be completed by using your computer, tablet or phone 24-hours-a-day at your convenience. Our loan application staff carefully considers several factors to determine if a payday loan is suitable for you. Payday loans do not require any collateral and are a preferred alternative to pawning valuable possessions.

At Fancy a Payday, we take the security of your personal information very seriously. Our application process was designed to protect key applicant data. We use an advanced web platform that meets the latest standards in real-time security and confidentiality. We have gone to great lengths to create an infrastructure using the best firewall and encryption technology available. We have the ability to centrally store and manage critical contact and personal data. We are properly licensed and authorised with the FCA and are based here in the U.K.

Eligibility to apply for our Payday Loans

Applicants must be current adult residents of the U.K.

You must have current employment that can be verified or another documented type of regular income.

A current bank account is necessary for electronically processing transactions.
Payday loans have a 0.8% daily interest rate, an APR of 1304.41 and a fixed 292% annual rate.
These loans are not suited for those in need of a long term financial solution or those who are currently unemployed.

Payday Loans with fast online approval in the UK

Has an unexpected expense suddenly put you in a situation where you need cash now? A payday loan sourced through Fancy a Payday may provide you the necessary funds in as little as one day. We source short term loans that are easy, fast and reasonable. Those wishing to apply for a loan can do so around the clock. It is possible that you may be approved today. Even those with past credit problems may qualify.

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